Artist Close By

Artist Close By is about having the artist close to the life lived in rural areas. We have brought together a number of regional and international artists who are preoccupied with the future of rural areas. They live and work in small communities and work with the local cultures, crafts and traditions towards new visions for the future. In this podcast we will take you to the windy west coast of Denmark, so you can meet some of these artists.

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Tuesday Dec 21, 2021

Hele Landet is a company who works with social, organizational, and architectural constructions, that initiate and support local development, with the goal to create social balance and social cohesion.

Tuesday Dec 21, 2021

Morten Mosgaard is a Danish site-specific sound designer working as a composer, theatrical producer, vocalist and project manager in the cultural field. Mosgaard artistic work is in continuous interaction with his engagement in bringing art to rural areas.

Monday Dec 20, 2021

Filipa Francesco is an international choreographer from Portugal. Francesco is interested in multidisciplinary work and works on dance pieces that are created specially for the place and spaces where they are going to be performed.

Monday Dec 20, 2021

Robbert van der Horst is dutch visual artist and performer who creates large scale artworks, interactive installations and performances aiming to evoke social interaction. He is interested in local building methods and the building knowledge found in the local population.

Monday Dec 20, 2021

Meet the initiator of Artist Close By, artist Inge Agnete Tarpgaard. Tarpgaard creates playful works that balance reality and imagination. Graduated from the Department of Dramaturgy at Aarhus University and Dartington College of Arts in England. From 2017 resident in Velling, West Jutland.

Sunday Dec 19, 2021

Meet Marije Nie (NL), an allround theatrical performer, tap dancer, researcher and co-founder of Cross Pollination artistic research platform.

Sunday Dec 19, 2021

Meet artist Karen Bohøj. Bohøj traveled to Stadil-Vedersø to be present, meet the locals and to get to know the place as an outside anthropologist.

Sunday Dec 19, 2021

Meet your narrator Inge Agnete Tarpgaard, Projectleader Henk Keizer and some of locals from Stadil-Vedersø, who will tell you a little more about the place this project was happening.


Not your average art project

In this podcast you meet the artists who came close by to the local community in Stadil-Vedersø in 2021. A community centered around two small villages Stadil and Vedersø, just 6 km from the danish west coast.

Artist Close By was initiated by artists Inge Agnete Tarpgaard and brought to life by Inge, projectleader Henk Keizer and local project leader in Vinderup, Sara Standby.

Kunstneren Tæt På is supported by Holstebro and Ringkøbing Skjern Municipalities, Kulturaftalen Midt-Vest, Europæisk Kulturregion and Region Midtjylland.



Text and narration by artist Inge Agnete Tarpgaard

Sounddesign and compositions by sounddesigner Niels Bjerg

Idea and production by sounddesigner and composer Morten Mosgaard

Website photos by Robbert Van Der Horst, Stadil-Vedersø, 2021

Podcast coverphoto by Marije Nie, Wunderkammer Stadil-Vedersø, 2021

The production of this podcast is made possible with the support from the "Restart funds" from the Danish Arts Council.

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